Meet Herb

In order for us to reach and provide for the widest demographic of Herb N Juicers, we made the decision to introduce the world to our one of a kind mobile juice bar- designed and built locally in Chicago - HERB.

Gasoline generators and propane tanks have long been used in the food truck industry to supply electrical power to standard mobile kitchens. Our decision to avoid the much easier and cheaper option of buying a larger gasoline-fed truck was an easy one because it is the essence of our vision to not follow the current industry “standards” of mobile vending or anything else for that matter. Since we couldn't succumb to the “standard,” the challenge was on to engineer a zero emission mobile juice bar that would run without burning a drop of fuel in the process.


We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our mobile juice truck uses only the most advanced technology in solar and renewable energy sources. While other electric food vending conversions have come before us, we went a step further to guarantee that we would never have to rely on fossil fuels to run our kitchen. Inspired by the compact automobile industry in Europe and Asia, we went on to engineer and design a compact and highly efficient mobile platform, paired with a custom kitchen which can serve made-to- order smoothies, organic juices made that morning, and fresh fruit bowls.

Building a zero-emission mobile kitchen is done by harnessing raw, battery power to generate currents which are fed through an inverter, turning the electricity into energy which powers all of our appliances.


Add to that the following extra tricks up our sleeves, and you’ve got an all-around Zero Waste Experience comin’ atcha:

- While stationary, we will run our kitchen with high efficiency equipment and refrigerators so that the whole operation will run on less than 10,000 watts.

- In order to extend the times in-between charges we will install solar panels on top of the aluminum roof effectively turning the sun into renewable energy for our juice bar.

- All orders are handled and delivered in 100% reusable, recycled glass containers for freshness and taste.

All the pulp left over from our juices is composted and delivered to local farms for the most nutrient rich soil imaginable and bakeries for natural fuel, so we continue to spread the wealth onto the next generation product.

- Along with organic produce, we utilize the incredible benefits of super foods and natural supplements from the earth instead of powders made in labs.